Risk Manager - Beijing - OEM

Sales Manager(virtualization)

Technical Director/Manager(SNS)

Big data specialist

Project manager(Infrastructure)

Senior SAP BI Developer


IT support(Level 1)

IT- CRM consultant

IT-Marketing manager (DEGITAL)

IT-Senior developer (JAVA)

IT-Senior consultant (MAINFRAME)

IT Director

Group Dealer Planning & Development - Dealer Development & Planning (All Brands)-Beijing

Supplier Quality Assurance Manager-Machinery-Beijing

Pull Marketing-Regional Sales Manager-Beijing

Maintenance Manager -machinery-Beijing

CNC Manager -machinery-Beijing

Group aftersales - P&A Warehouse Operations -Beijing

Group Aftersales - P&A Ordering -Beijing

Tax Manager -machinery-Beijing

Used car Standards/Processes/Audit Implementation Senior Officer-automotive-Beijing

Used Car Business Marketing & CRM Manager -automotive-Beijing

Market Implementation Management Manager -automotive-Beijing

Product Engineer-automotive-Beijing

Logistic Manager-automotive-Beijing

Development Quality Engineer-automotive-Beijing

Software Assurance Engineers-michinery-Beijing

Senior Training Specialist -machinery-Beijing

Development Engineer ¡§C car interior lining -Beijing

Development Engineer - Seats -Beijing

Process Strategy & Governance -automotive-Beijing

Project Assistance reporting -automotive-Beijing

Signalling Engineer--machinery-Beijing

Fair and Exhibition -automotive-Beijing

Industrial Engineering -automotive-Beijing

Executive Assistant-automotive-Beijing

Automotive Engineer -automotive-Beijing

Development Engineer-Thermal management-Beijing

Chassis Development Engineer -automotive-Beijing

KVP Trainer -automotive-Beijing

Service Manager -automotive-Beijing

Senior Sales Manager-automotive-Beijing

Sales Director-aotomotive-Beijing

Dealer Network Strategy Manager -automotive-Beijing

Plant Finance Manager-automotive-Beijing


Program Manager-aotomotive-Beijing

CNC Manager-automotive_Beijing

Maintenance Manager-machinery_Beijing

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